Dairyland Classic - Event Info


The Dairyland Classic is a fast-paced, fan-friendly, motorcycle racing event on the banked, clay oval at the Sheboygan County Fair Park. Racing speeds on the 1/3-mile oval exceed 80mph without any roll cage, four-point safety harness, or impact-resistant supporting devices. We are the only dirt track event in Wisconsin that draws racers from all over the country, as we proudly have the support of the stars of the AMA Pro Racing Grand National Championship, which is the premier professional dirt track series in the world. In fact, every AMA Grand National Champion since 1999 has competed in at least one Dairyland Classic since 2000!

Spectators attending the Dairyland Classic will be treated to an inexpensive, entertaining, and informative motorcycle racing program. We limit our show to only four racing divisions, so that even the newest spectator can keep track of the racing action, which takes place in full view of your seat in the grandstand. We also limit our entire event to a 3-hour time-frame, which will be completed by 10pm.

Following the completion of each racing division's Final race of the night, we conduct a brief celebration with the top three finishers, with brief interviews, awards presentations, and the victory champagne for all!

We are committed to completing our entire production before 10pm, making our event a very cost-effective entertainment option for your entire family!

For 2017, we will present the following racing action! (Changes from 2016 are highlighted in red):

The "Junior/Expert Invitational" division features the racers who compete in the American Flat Track Grand National Championship. These racers now get to pick any full-sized motorcycle they wish to compete on, with bonuses offered for racers on 750cc twin-cylinder machines! We are grateful to be considered by the racers to be one of the best non-National Championship events in the country each year!

Our Board Trackers division features motorcycles that competed in professional motorcycle racing in the early 20th century - 1913 to 1938, to be exact! These motorcycles have no brakes, no transmission, and no clutches. They are mostly 1,000cc (61 cubic inch) V-twins that raced on wooden tracks all over the country nearly 100 years ago!

We are excited to bring these historic machines back to the Dairyland Classic!

Our Vintage division features motorcycles - and some riders - who competed in AMA Pro Racing dirt track events during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. A typical Vintage field at the Dairyland Classic includes Harley-Davidson KR (1952-1969 era twin-cylinder 750cc engine), Triumph T120 (1970-1979 era twin-cylinder 750cc), Yamaha XS650 (1969-1978 era twin-cylinder 650cc), and Yamaha TT500 engines (1976-1982 era single-cylinder 500cc).

Our Amateur division features teenaged racers on 250cc two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycles. These riders are typically too young to obtain an professional racing license, but they are just as fierce when it comes to racing in front of a grandstands full of race fans!

An emotional highlight of the evening is the annual Jim Sumner Memorial Dash For Cash. We select a half dozen (or so) racers from the Junior/Expert Open division, line them up in an inverted start - with the fastest at the rear - and run a six-lap sprint race that usually pays over $1,000 to the winner!

If you would like to donate a few $$ to the racers to help us keep this dirt track tradition going strong, pleae click the donate button below!